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Jaguar E-type (2nd Edition) The Definitive History, by Philip Porter - Image of a spread from the book

Jaguar E-type (2nd Edition) The Definitive History, by Philip Porter

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar E-type, this is an all-new updated edition of a classic book that was first published in 1989 and remained in print for 20 years. The E-type was, and still is, a uniquely charismatic and important British sports car – and this remarkable book provides the ultimate tribute to it. With lots of new information and illustrations, and presented in a handsome new design in a larger format, this book is a ‘must-have’ for all E-type enthusiasts.


Key content:


  • Early days: design and development; launch and reaction; specification and production.
  • The 3.8 E-type: launch as roadster and fixed-head coupé; development and evolution; early racing activities with E-types; invading the USA as the XKE.
  • The competition cars 1962–64: development of the lightweight versions for racing; their successes – and failures – in GT classes of international racing.
  • The 4.2-litre E-type: a bigger engine for 1964; subsequent evolution through to Series II form; the 2+2 (a third body style) arrives in 1966.
  • The Series III E-type: the final model gets Jaguar’s awesome 5.3-litre V12 engine; evolution through to the end of production in 1974.
  • The E-type in later years: the born-again racing car; variations on the theme; the E-type in miniature; the E-type today.
  • Comprehensive appendices: specifications; the competition E-types and their results; production changes; models; sales figures.
  • Previous edition ISBN: 978 0 85429 580 7.


The author


A lifelong E-type enthusiast, Philip Porter has been writing about these cars for over 30 years and owns two fine examples: the oldest E-type in existence (the fixed-head coupé registered 9600 HP) and a roadster that appeared in the film The Italian Job. The author of 17 books on Jaguar subjects, he also runs the E-type Club, which serves owners and enthusiasts worldwide. He lives in Worcestershire.


Key Points:


  • A Haynes book
  • Hardback
  • Word Count 250000
  • 280 x 230mm
  • 672 pages
  • 400 colour & 400 b&w illustrations.
Jaguar E-type - The Definitive History, by Philip Porter - book cover image

(signed copies only available direct from us)

Jaguar E-type (2nd Edition) The Definitive History, by Philip Porter - book spread image
Jaguar E-type (2Nd Edition) The Definitive History, by Philip Porter - book spread image

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New Foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart. To mark the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar
E-type, here is an all-new updated edition of a classic book that was first published in 1989 and remained in print for 20 years.


Signed by Philip Porter




Jaguar E-type (2nd Edition) The Definitive History, by Philip Porter

Classic & Sport Car, October 2011


“First published in 1989, author Philip Porter’s exhaustive history of the Jaguar E-type has been much expanded for a second edition to coincide with the sports-car legend’s 50th birthday.  Now a thumping 688 pages, The Definitive History covers every imaginable aspect of the car, from early prototypes to the latest Eagle Speedster.  Highlights include a wealth of factory drawings and documents, together with a vast range of first-hand reflections on ownership and driving.”


Classic Cars, October 2011


“Jaguar historian Philip Porter has comprehensively revised his 1989 tome on the E-type for the model’s 50th anniversary year, which sees the hardback grow in all dimensions even though it packs fewer pages than the original – 688 compared to 712.


It’s more elegantly presented than the original, with more colour images and additional photos, while the text incorporates a number of factual corrections and adds detail to subjects such as the car’s development, the competition careers of the lightweights and the V12’s conception.  Sections on E-type specials and the cars in use today are also brought up to date.


 This edition is the only E-type book you need and well worth the asking price, even if you already own the first edition – Porter’s book on the race cars (Ultimate E-type, reviewed in Classic Cars’ July 2011 issue) is a useful companion.”


Jaguar World, September 2011


” Was it really back in 1989 that the first edition of Jaguar E-type, the definitive history was launched? Back then it did what it said on the label but of course new information has come to light in the intervening 22-years.  Author, Philip Porter, has not been idle; during that time he has amassed some interesting new facts adding considerably to what was an already compelling book.  There must be a greater collective showing or original E-type photographs over this book’s 688 pages than virtually anywhere else, and all are completely fascinating.”


“Along with the actual facts of the E-type’s development are interviews with key people of the era which combine to give a wonderful insight to the whole project.  Racing, too, is examined in-depth showing just how much potential the E-type had.  Surely there cannot be a better way to fully understand the E-type than immersing yourself in this superb book."

 Jim Patten


Book Reviews


Dear Louise


As promised, a note to say how grateful I am for the replacement cover for my E-type book (Definitive History). In a world where customer service seems to be a foreign language, it is so nice to deal with a publisher that is customer orientated.


From a very grateful Jaguar obsessed person - a very big thank you!


Anthony Wainwright

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